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- comments now screened!
- graphics journal: avantgeeks~ I no longer post any icons here.
- drop me a comment if you want to add me, I will most likely add back if I recognise you from somewhere ♥
- be warned that I am quite boring, most of my posts are on i) uni ii) manga/books or iii) asian dramas XD
- also, a LOT of bleach / ichiruki fangirling.
- spends an inordinate amount of time talking about photoshop / icons.
- yes, in some other lifetime last year I went by the username boutique/anty_.
where angels fear to tread


Moving today~~ I won't be able to get online much for the next two weeks, since the internet providers here sucks ;A; I will still dash over to uni to make use of the free wifi, to check on f-list and comment etc... but I won't be able to post.

So, take care everyone ♥
where angels fear to tread



You gave me such a beautiful present for my birthday Cel *wears it proudly*, I do not know how I could possibly repay in kind.... but here have some icons :D? I have totally been outclassed by you and Fee in the present giving department because you are both so talented and generous and I love youuu ♥ Ahem, anyway, here be my present to you:

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where angels fear to tread

01.5 ; new community & an icon collaboration with celestial!

This has already been posted at avantgeeks, the new graphics comm I share with the talented ce_lestic and strawberries_85 ♥ But I just wanted to have a placeholder here as well to make my journal look more regularly updated :XD

The icons are made by me. But the original manga colourings were all done by the wonderful ce_lestic!! I merely chopped them up and applied a ridiculous amount of textures & brushes. Please, if you want to use any of the icons, credit BOTH of us ^_^


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I'm also disabling comments on this entry, if you want to comment then head over to avantgeeks ♥! At the same time you can oooh and ahh over ce_lestic & strawberries_85's individual icons :D

Please go watch avantgeeks!! :D
where angels fear to tread

!resources list

I have these generous people to thank for the resources I use on my graphics. If you've seen me using your resources but you are not listed below, forgive me + my scattered brain and leave me a note here.

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where angels fear to tread


Welcome to my little corner of the net.  Unfortunately, it's pretty empty around here -- I can't keep up with writing journal entries.  The account is for the expressed purpose of lurking and commenting 8D   Apparently, I'll also use it for posting graphics :B